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Welcome to the homepage of the Hungarian Velvet Paws Sanctuary Foundation. We are a nonprofit organization. We believe in taking action with urgency and care to serve those who need us most. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of those in need. It’s time to make real change. We help cats born on the streets, provide them a temporary shelter and feed them, it costs us a lot of money and resources. We organize neutering campaigns. Currently we don't have the luxury to hire and fund professional homepage designers and webmasters to maintain and host a dedicated server domain. 

We have started as a small regional cat shelter in the vicinity of the second largest hungarian city Debrecen. Right now, people request our services even from cities in the other side of the country. We are aiming to go international soon, but for that we need Your support!

Everything we did so far is done by volunteers only. We can only use free services, so we have to compromise on the quality and loading speed of our website. We cannot count on fundings from Google Ads, we are too insignificant for them to be considered,  we can only count on your kindness...

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