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How can You help us continue
our mission?

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Send us supplies!

Please buy and send catfood, cat litter, etc.

Contact us, and we will tell you what is currently needed.

Please send the package to us:

Szoboszlói Bársonytalpúak Menedéke

Fertő utca 122.

Hajdúszoboszló, HUNGARY

Spread the word

Please share this website on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

Do you have some unused thing at home?

If you, like most people, have lots of things at home you don't use (clothes, kitchen accessories, books, old laptops, mobile phones):
Don't throw them out. Stay green!

Sell it (e.g. on ebay) and donate the price to us! Click here!

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Do you live near Debrecen?

Get involved!

Contact us and join the team on our mission!

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All Hands In

Be a virtual host!

Adopt a cat virtually. Periodically donate a fix amount of money to support him or her! For more information, please check the virtual adoption section of our website.

Neuter your cat!

If you are a cat owner, please be responsible! 
Don't let kittens be born just to roam the streets. Prevent the deaths of those unborn children!

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